Upholstery Cleaning


Please note: there is a minimum order value required for each in-home service appointment. Prices do not include hst.
a) for semi-detached & detached residences $250
b) for hi-rise apartments & condo residences $300

What items do you require to be cleaned?


Having a professional technician clean your upholstery regularly will ensure your investment in home décor will have a long and lasting life.

The condition of your upholstery is not only about how your place looks. Even the most forgiving, dark or neutral fabric requires a regular maintenance by a professional technician at least once a year. What your eye does not see is a wide variety of soil that accumulates inside any fabric – actually, a much greater amount than any carpeting contains. Most of it comes from a direct contact with human skin and animal fur, and is, in fact, a deposit of human or animal secretions – perspiration, dandruff, epidermis and fur oils. If accumulated over a long period of time, the particles of such substances saturate the fabric, changing its color and even breaking down its fibers. As a result, the unfortunate “wear and tear” shows up years earlier. But most importantly, grime in your upholstery is an ideal breeding ground for all things nasty, and it will inevitably affect your home environment, especially the quality of your air, in a highly detrimental way.

Any home decorator knows how important fabrics are in making your interior truly homey – they give every room that very unique, sumptuous and luxurious feel. The variety of fabrics for drapery and upholstery on the market today is endless – cottons, silks, rayon blends and even products of bark and bamboo, to name a few. But no matter how durable and eco-friendly is the main component the threads are woven of, the final product almost always contains delicate and sensitive dyes. Having a professional technician clean your upholstery regularly will ensure your investment in home décor will have a long and lasting life, and your house will always look as fresh, attractive and exiting, as it did on the day you brought in your new furniture.

Most of the upholstered furniture comes with a layer of special upholstery protector pre-sprayed by the manufacture. But with time, it wears off. It is important to reapply the protector every time your furniture is given a professional cleaning. This simple procedure ensures that a protective barrier covers your fiber

Our upholstery services include:

  1. Free assessment of your furniture condition and damage, including permanent stains;
  2. Thorough vacuuming of the pieces;
  3. Application of upholstery treatment according to fabric specifications;
  4. Performing of the cleaning;
  5. Drying and final inspection;
  6. Providing specific maintenance instructions

You will make your upholstery cleaning an easier job, if you follow our trusted Friendly Butler’s tip:

  • Wipe up all spills promptly; do not rub but try to mop them off the surface using tissue paper or cotton towels;
  • Vacuum or brush your upholstery fabrics weekly to prevent grime built-up;
  • Keep your upholstered pieces away of sunlight and heat sources;
  • Turn cushions regularly to prevent appearance of do called “bold’ spots of worn out fabric.