Tile & Grout Cleaning


Make your floors clean and beautiful again!
$1.25 per Square Foot

Please note: there is a minimum order value required for each in-home service appointment. Prices do not include hst.
a) for semi-detached & detached residences = $250
b) for hi-rise apartments & condo residences = $300



What can we do for your floor?

Green and Spotless offers the NEWEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE way of tile and grout cleaning to date. We use advanced, scientifically-proven methods, technologies and a variety of machinery. The key part of the process is HEAT that we apply consistently. In combination with vacuum and high pressure water cleaning we are able to provide fast and efficient service and long-lasting results. Turbo and mini-turbo attachments enable our crew to reach areas and surfaces of different configurations.

We also offer sealant services, as an important component designed to keep your floors clean and stain-free longer.

What to expect

Here are a few things you should know before we start…

Our cleaning process can, in most cases, return your floor to 85% or more of its original condition. We promise that we will do our best to satisfy you. But we need your understanding that sometimes we are dealing with situations beyond our control.

Please have all areas cleared of furniture and knick knacks before we arrive. We will point out damaged and heavily stained areas, or any other problematic surfaces, BEFORE we begin. We would appreciate if you do such an inspection yourself in advance. As you understand, we will not be responsible for any pre-existing conditions such as loose tiles and grout, cracked or missing tile and grout, discoloration, fading, scratched tiles etc. There could be areas of your floor that are beyond the reach of even the most advanced tools we use. Some products and food can stain grout permanently. We will inform you of what will/will not come out from the steam pressure cleaning before we start. Wax is our enemy too, as it is extremely difficult to remove from grout. We will do our best to get rid of it, and we pride ourselves on the fact that in most cases, the process is successful and effective. But we still cannot guarantee complete wax removal at all times and under any conditions.

Thank you for understanding some of the specific conditions we have to deal with while cleaning your tile and grout. We hope you will be able to enjoy your newly cleaned and refreshed tile and grout for years to come!

After your floor is clean, the best thing to do is have it sealed. The grout sealer will need to “cure” within a 24 hour period. Contrary to popular belief, forced air will not speed up the curing process.

Bear in mind, that sealers are designed to make products repel dirt, but on its own, it would not prevent the floors from getting dirty.